Choosing the Right Summer Handbags

Choosing the Right Summer Handbags

The summer days had passed by, but you still find yourself addicted to summer handbags. Hmm…don’t worry, you’re not insane. It’s just that summer handbags are too adorable to have.

Well, although the summer season has gone by, summer handbags are still available in the market. They still come in great number, in different quality and style. The summer handbags even vary in shape and size, making the search for the right product somehow puzzling. However, there’s a great solution for that. The key is your body type. Yes, you heard me right. The type of your body will highly determine which of the available summer handbags in the market these days is best for you. So if you believe in me, then note your body type and choose the one that best complements your shape.

To make everything easy to understand, I have presented below some of the categories that best reflect your body type. Make your decision based on these categories:

Hourglass Figure

Many women are blessed with an hourglass figure. If you are one of them and you are wondering what specific type of summer handbags will best suit you for your next summer getaway, then note that people who are lucky enough to have a curvy figure will look great with summer handbags that hit just above the waist. According to some designers, this style and length of summer handbags is going to be the most pleasing. Don’t consider those that are built medium-sized as they won’t add beauty to your gorgeous figure.

Slim and Tall

If you possess a slim body and you look like a fashion model with your height, then the summer handbags that will best suit you are those that are oversized summer handbags, shoulder bags, and clutches. But before you take any of these types, consider first the size. Many designers and fashion experts have said that for people who are long and lean, smaller summer handbags are not perfect. Why? Smaller summer handbags will only make you look taller than you already are. So instead of choosing a summer handbag that comes smaller in size, consider the oversized. But, if you insist on a small-sized summer handbag, make sure that it fits comfortably under your shoulders.

Small and Chubby

Women who are small and chubby should consider the types of summer handbags they choose. This is highly important as the handbag you choose for your future summer getaway will highly determine your personality and your looks. If you want to look good in public, then consider summer handbags that are smaller in size. This type of handbags will tend to look best on you than the larger ones, which will only tend to overpower you and make you look even shorter than you already are. Also, many reviews have noted that shorter handbags will create height, especially if the shorter bag you choose fit tightly against your body, so why not consider it.

So you’ve learned the categories. Well, note and understand that the type of summer handbag you select will not only lie on your body type. To determine which is perfect, also consider your outfit and the activity you’ll be dealing with. Choose the summer handbags based on that considerations and on what you really feel that moment.